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InfraBlockchain-based Blockchain System Development

Private Blockchain
for Enterprises / Public Sectors
  • Establish a blockchain-based database for internal uses, to achieve improved auditability using blockchain's data immutability
  • Provide system contracts for a private blockchain
  • Customized blockchain data model design & smart contract development for application-specific needs
  • Provide Anchoring module – record the block hash of private chain data on the public blockchain
Consortium Blockchain
for Enterprises / Public Sectors
  • Develop a permissioned blockchain network that is co-operated by multiple entities
  • Provide system contracts for permissioned network authorizing who can access the blockchain network
  • Provide built-in smart contract modules (Tokenization system, Identity verification, etc.)
  • Customized blockchain data model design & smart contract development for application-specific needs
  • Provide Anchoring module
Open Blockchain Platform
for Enterprises / Public Sectors
  • Develop a scalable, fiat-based open smart contract platform that expands the consortium of trusted entities (government, financial institutions, large corporations, etc.) by integrating Proof-of-Transaction consensus mechanism to allow external participation
  • Provide blockchain core and system contracts that support PoT consensus mechanism and fiat-based transaction fees
  • Blockchain governance management system
  • Provide built-in smart contract modules (Tokenization system, Identity verification, etc.)
  • Provide development framework for open smart contracts
  • Provide on-chain privacy-protecting transaction technologies (token transfers, voting, etc.)
Large-scale Blockchain Data Management System
  • Establish Full History node & block explorer system
  • Large-scale blockchain transaction data search & analytics solution
  • Node monitoring, blockchain transaction monitoring solution
  • Provide Inter-Blockchain Communications to connect with multiple blockchain networks
  • Blockchain Oracle Service (providing external, real-time public data such as stock market data, and foreign exchange rate on smart contracts)

Blockchain-based Payment System Development

InfraBlockchain can be used as a blockchain payment network, which allows merchants and customers to complete payments without using existing card networks such as Visa and Mastercard

Starting in 2019, a local payment service Yosemite Card has been using InfraBlockchain to facilitate fee-less payments between the merchants and the customers near the University of California Berkeley, California. Yosemite Card uses InfraBlockchain to facilitate payments, which effectively eliminates the credit card fees (2~5%), and collaborates with local businesses to offer 10% cashback to their customers.

Blockchain-based Asset Exchange System System Development

Because InfraBlockchain has fiat-pegged tokens issued by the trusted entities in circulation, Asset-Backed tokens can also be traded on fiat-pegged values on the blockchain. InfraBlockchain provides the solution to safely and securely operate a distributed token exchange system using smart contracts.

[Examples of Blockchain-based Asset Exchange System]
Stock exchange for private companies, Equity investment platform for copyrights, Stock exchange for Real Estate, Stock exchange for Artworks, Digital Asset (cryptocurrency) exchange

Digital Identity System Development

InfraBlockchain provides the solid implementation of W3C DID-core / Verifiable Credentials specs for a blockchain-based distributed digital identity authentication. A trusted entity participating as the InfraBlockchain’s identity authenticator can allow users to conveniently use other services.

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