A statement from Blockchain Labs Inc. RE: development and launch of the vaccine passport
First, and foremost, we want to express our sincere gratitude and respect to everyone who have suffered from and endured the hardships presented in overcoming the COVID-19. We also thank the healthcare professionals and the public health authorities who have been working days and nights at the frontline of the vaccination and treatment efforts.

At Blockchain Labs, we have been providing the blockchain technology and the vaccine passport system for free, not only to Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency, but also to the governments and organizations around the world, hoping to assist global efforts to overcome the pandemic.

With a small team of 20 members, we have been working restlessly for a long time to provide the perfect solution, and are continuing to upgrade the system even at this moment. Therefore,please kindly understand that we are unable to properly respond to the interview requests that are pouring in following the KDCA’s recent announcement.

Because the effectiveness of vaccine passports heavily relies on the global interoperability, the cooperation with the governments and organizations abroad is crucial. In this regards, we want to express our gratitude to the Linux Foundation who has trusted our technology and formally requested it to be made available for international adoptions, as well as to the numerous governments across the world for their decision to adopt our technology. In addition, we thank Hanwha Life Insurance Co. and CJ OliveNetworks Co. for their unwavering supports since the early stages of our development.

Lastly, we thank the Information Statistics representatives of Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency, who selected Blockchain Labs Inc. over other renowned IT companies purely based on the assessment of the blockchain technology, and worked with us to bring this service to its fruition.

This vaccine passport is a result of collaborative efforts among many involved parties. We, at Blockchain Labs, will continue to do our best to provide the safest and the most convenient vaccine passport system in the world. We believe that this is the right way to answer the overwhelming interests and supports.

Once again, thank you to everyone who are working hard to overcome the COVID-19.

Blockchain Labs Inc.

*Please note that Blockchain Labs Inc. has never participated in or owned any cryptocurrencyprojects, and this global vaccine passport system is irrelevant to all coins in the market*