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Specialized Blockchain Solution
for Governments, Public Sectors and Enterprises

Scalable enterprise blockchain technology that combines the strengths of a private and a public blockchain

InfraBlockchain Introduction

High-Performance Blockchain Solution for Enterprises / Public Sectors, InfraBlockchain

InfraBlockchain is a trust-building platform that provides an blockchain-based open smart contract system as IT infrastructure. It is designed to combine the inherent technological advantages of a public blockchain and the necessary values of a private blockchain that protect personal information, manage sensitive data, remain legally and socially compliant, and more.


Main Features

A Private Blockchain with the Strengths of a Public Blockchain

Private blockchains often trade off the innate strengths of a blockchain technology for a simpler and easier setup. Public blockchains are technically more diverse and rapidly evolving, but are not suitable for a government, a public sector, or an enterprise to use because all data (even the sensitive ones) are openly shared and oftentimes cannot meet the required technical specs. InfraBlockchain overcomes the technical limitations of a private blockchain, while achieving both high-performance and data security with its unique architecture featuring a Proof-of-Transaction, fiat-based-transaction fees, etc.

A Flexible Network Format for All Demands

General blockchain solutions have architectures built to address specific problems, so they are difficult to customize for each enterprises’ needs. InfraBlockchain is designed to flexibly form permissioned, semi-permissioned, or permissionless blockchain to serve a various needs from any enterprises. This format can be easily expanded and is especially convenient for adapting to future technological advancements.


Infrastructures cost relatively high setup costs, but has the benefit of lowering the ongoing costs once they are completed. Such benefits are amplified with more users and more usages. Unfortunatley, private blockchains are not governed by the protocol, so the cost of maintenance increases with more users on the network. InfraBlockchain, however, features a Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus algorithm that can greatly save the cost of gaining trust and building a safer IT infrastructure for all participating enterprises.

InfraBlockchain Technical Highlights

InfraBlockchain Technologies

For Government, Business and Foundations


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